Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The curiosity and imagination

The curiosity and imagination out of the natured instinct is the mother of all new creations

Human once lived on the natured instinct as all other animals before the civilization. All qualification system of education since history as its purpose has been to certify the intelligence. The intelligent rule he societies. The more the intelligence and stable a society becomes the more of the natured instinct in people disappear.

To that effect and until today, the natured instinct has been a total ignorance to the intelligent because it could not be measured intelligently since history.

Regardless whether it is born, those who could maintains and develop their natured instinct on the total cognitive sense (receiving and mixing all the feeds from education and society and experiences) could possibly become entrepreneur, inventors even geniuses as in the eye of the public.

Developing the nature instinct of the people in today civilized world built by the intelligent would spark the revolution in education system worldwide as a phase in human evolution.

With the value of the intuited and natured instinct understood by the decision makers and every individual, the public and the private sectors would act the way they are meant to be.

More new invention and creation would spur in all fields. Life would be more meaningful and vibrant.
People would be more responsible for their own behaviors, thinking and expression, they would choose their own destinies at their own wishes, as they would be given the choices by the societies.

Following the globalization, the future challenge and competition in business and technology would be in the pace of developing the natured instinct of people- the root of all new invention.

The world and societies would be still dominated and ruled by the intelligent as today. Stability would still be above all consideration. Individual could but a nation could not fail. A government of public interest could not take the risk as taken by the individual.

The winning odd of a nation in the future global competition would be the development of the natured instinct of its people ahead of others. In this context, Singapore being small and nimble would be an advantage.

Spiral up effect in local and to the world arena of people and nation building would take place if Singapore could develop the natured instinct of its people on the established various infrastructures and Singapore brand name- another wonder to be built.